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Silver Mens Wedding Bands

Marriage is forever, and a wedding band needs to be equally timeless. There is a seemingly infinite array of wedding rings on the market, one for every groom. Below, we’ve recapped some of the most popular styles of men’s wedding bands from a fine jewelry manufacturer’s, so read on for MKM Jewlery’s take on some of these timeless designs.

A Forged Band

Simple doesn’t need to mean boring. A classic silver band can be updated with a beautiful forged texture. Forged metal has been gently hammered to create a delicate, dappled surface. This forged texture looks best with a matte finish. The end result is a minimalist, masculine piece, with a subtle flair. This style looks great in a 6mm or 7mm width.

Chrome Ring

For men who aren’t too into bling, a black chrome band is currently a popular men’s ring style. This matte black finish is a striking choice for a groom who wants to make a statement without adding any gemstones. A cobalt chrome trim can give a modern edge to this style. We love a black chrome band in 7mm.

A Wide Domed Band

A domed band is a classic for a reason. Clean, simple, and timeless, a high shine finish gives this style a luxe look. The domed style has been a popular men’s ring for generations, and adding a reflective finish looks especially nice in platinum, white gold, palladium, or cobalt.

Ultra Wide Brushed Finish Ring

Another popular men’s ring is an extra wide band with a brushed finish. An 8mm or 9mm band makes a bold statement on a man’s finger. The matte brushed finish keeps the piece from being too flashy, while polished edges give this minimalistic ring a bit of visual interest. The simplicity of this ring makes it a bold, but modern choice.

Satin Finish Comfort Fit Band

A recent reworking of the classic ring shape, comfort fit bands feature a slightly domed inner band, which gives the ring a light, gentle fit above the finger. The ergonomic design makes the jewelry unobtrusive, and men can wear it around the clock without any discomfort. The satin finish of this design gives this band a delicate, understated design. The simplicity of the style and improved comfort of the ring make this band one of the most popular men’s ring styles.

Satin Finished Milgrain Band

Fine jewelry manufacturers report that this more traditional wedding band remains as popular as ever. Milgrain edging adds a bit of visual interest and a traditional vibe, while the satin finish keeps the wedding band sleek and modern. A milgrain detail is ideal for a groom looking for a slightly more ornate design, without being too ostentatious.

Working with the Experts

As you design this season’s line of wedding bands, keep in mind these popular men’s ring styles. If you’re looking for more expert advice from the industry’s top fine jewelry manufacturers, reach out to us at MKM Jewelry today for assistance with CAD and CAM, as well as our other services.


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