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When you’re designing jewelry, it’s all about the details, and choosing the right stone setting type is paramount to showcasing the gems you work with. Learn how to choose the perfect setting for your gemstones with the experts at MKM Jewelry today.
  • Gemstone Color

    • Diamonds

      • Diamonds graded D through F are colorless, and look striking when set against yellow gold. The white creates a beautiful contrast with the warm yellow metal. For those who prefer to highlight the brilliant white of the stone, platinum or white gold is a better option.
      • Diamonds graded K or lower have a noticeably yellow tint. It is best to pair these with yellow gold, as it hides the lower quality of the gem. Avoid platinum or white gold because they will cause the stone to look dark.
    • Colorful Gemstones

      • Cool toned gems, like sapphires and emeralds, tend to look best with cool toned metals like silver, platinum, or rhodium. Pair warm hued gems, such as rubies or garnet, with yellow or rose gold to bring out the warmth and richness of the stone.
      • You can also choose complementary colors when working with colorful gems. Pair amethyst with gold or rubies with platinum for a unique look.
  • Gemstone Cuts

    • Round Cuts

      • Round cut gems look great with a traditional prong setting. Most designers choose between four prongs, which allow more light to shine within the stone, or six prongs, which hold the stone more securely.
    • Square Cuts

      • Square cuts encompass princess and cushion cuts among their number. These stones look best in a prong setting with a prong at each corner of the gem.
    • Oblong Cuts

      • Emerald and oval stones look most dramatic set in a tulip prong that exaggerates their size and shape.
    • Unusual Cuts

      • Pear shaped, heart shaped, and marquise cut gems often feature sharp angles or asymmetric looks, so they look best in a V-shaped prong that protects sharp tips from chips and damage.
  • Embellishment Stones

    • Channel

      • The channel setting is particularly popular on rings that want to showcase gems along the entire band. A deep cut is molded into the band and small stones are embedded within it.
    • Pavé

      • In this setting, tiny gems are set side by side to create the impression that the piece is paved with diamonds or other precious stones. The effect is an unbroken sea of gemstones.
    • Halo

      • In this stone setting type, the center stone is surrounded by a ring of smaller accent stones. A halo setting makes the center stone appear larger, and increases overall sparkle for your design.
  Finding the perfect setting for your jewelry, whether you specialize in earrings, rings, necklaces, or brooches, is simple when you work with MKM Jewelry. We can help you design, manufacture, set, and finish your jewelry today. Work with us to get advice from experienced professionals!


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