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3D wax printing is a form of CAM, or computer-aided manufacturing, that helps the experts at MKM Jewelry create precise wax models of jewelry. Since 3D wax printing works in tandem with CAD (computer aided design), it can print even the most intricate and delicate pieces of jewelry more quickly than they could be carved by hand.

The 3D Wax Printing Process

Before printing a wax model, a piece must first be designed in CAD software. We can print models from an existing file you send us or we can work with you to design an original piece. This file is sent to the printer and is then used to print an identical wax version of your piece. Our printers use two types of wax—the build wax and support wax—to lay down layers as thin as 0.021 millimeters until a piece is fully fabricated. The wax comes in a granule form and is placed within the machine to be melted. The machine uses the two types of wax for different purposes: one builds the actual model for casting and the other supports the model during the printing process. This type of wax will eventually be removed.

Choose MKM Jewelry

While we incorporate advanced machinery to create intricate wax models, each model must still be polished and perfected by hand to ensure that scratches, dents, or unnecessary support pieces are not transferred into the casting processes. Work with MKM Jewelry to fabricate your unique designs with 3D wax printing and enjoy the benefits that come from working with a team of skilled craftsmen.