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MKM Jewelry is proud to provide our clients with an array of services that will take their creative concepts all the way from the drawing board to the showcase. Whether you need our jewelry plating services, engraving, or design services, we can help you with just one aspect of your project or we can take your idea the full nine yards.

The technicians at MKM Jewelry work with fashion jewelry, as well as fine jewelry. We’re experienced with casting both precious and non-precious metals. We primarily use four different types of non-precious metals in our manufacturing process including brass, bronze, silver, and copper. We also work with 14 karat and 18 karat white, yellow, and rose gold.

Since many of our clients are looking to produce fashion jewelry or fine jewelry, these metals can be used to create alloys for cost effective metal jewelry or cast on their own for high-end fine jewelry.

After you’ve chosen which metals you want to cast with, we also offer jewelry plating services with rose gold, silver, and rhodium. Whether you prefer to build a piece that is manufactured and plated entirely with precious metals or your prefer to include precious metals during the plating process only, MKM Jewelry is here to meet your needs.

Whether your next project includes a handful of valuable pieces or a 1,000 piece run, we would be happy to take it on at MKM Jewelry. When it comes to timeliness, high quality work, and fair pricing, we’re next to none. Bring us your latest fashion jewelry concept today and we can work together to decide which of our services is right for your project!


Sterling Silver

  • Raw Sterling Silver

    Raw Sterling Silver

  • Matte Silver

    Matte Silver

  • Brashed Silver

    Brushed Silver

  • Stone Finished Silver

    Stone Finished Silver

  • High Polished Silver

    High Polished Silver

  • Oxidized Silver

    Oxidized Silver

Eco Brass

  • Raw Eco Brass

    Raw Eco Brass

  • Matte Brass

    Matte Brass

  • Brashed Brass

    Brushed Brass

  • Stone Finished Brass

    Stone Finished Brass

  • High Polished Brass

    High Polished Brass