The Most Popular Jewelry Making Techniques

If you know the right jewelry making techniques, anything is possible in jewelry design. From lost wax casting and glass fusing to bead weaving and clay jewelry, jewelers use a

How to Mass Produce Custom Jewelry with Local Los Angeles Manufacturing

If you are a jewelry designer looking to take the next step in your business, you might want to consider collaborating with a local manufacturer, looking into how to mass

The Best Setting for Your Jewelry

Stone Setting Types When you’re designing jewelry, it’s all about the details, and choosing the right stone setting type is paramount to showcasing the gems you work with and creating

Metals at a Glance

MKM Jewelry has experience using a number of precious and semi-precious metals to create jewelry, statues, and art. Read on to get an overview of each metal we use and

Anatomy of a Ring: Beginners Work in CAD

A ring may seem like a simple circle of metal, but in reality, it is so much more complicated. It is important to know all the parts that make up

Popular Styles for Men’s Rings

Marriage is forever, and a wedding band needs to be equally timeless. There is a seemingly infinite array of wedding rings on the market, one for every groom. Below, we’ve

Metal Plating Basics | Rhodium, Silver, and Gold

Artisans have been creating precious metal surfaces using metal plating for centuries. Today, metal plating is used for both decorative and functional purposes. Read on to learn more about the

All About Brass

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Brass is a metal alloy composed of zinc and copper, known for its warm golden hue and numerous unique properties. It has a rich history and many modern applications including

All About Sterling Silver

At MKM Jewelry, one of the four primary metals we work with is sterling silver. It’s a popular metal all over the world for jewelry, art, electronics, and medicine. To

How To Get Into The Design & Manufacturing Industry

Digital technology is bringing change to jewelry manufacturing companies across the world, making it easier for them to produce beautiful, intricate jewelry. Through sophisticated technological advances and innovative design techniques,