All About Brass

Brass is a metal alloy composed of zinc and copper, known for its warm golden hue and numerous unique properties. It has a rich history and many modern applications including

All About Sterling Silver

At MKM Jewelry, one of the four primary metals we work with is sterling silver. It’s a popular metal all over the world for jewelry, art, electronics, and medicine. To

How To Get Into The Design & Manufacturing Industry

Digital technology is bringing change to jewelry manufacturing companies across the world, making it easier for them to produce beautiful, intricate jewelry. Through sophisticated technological advances and innovative design techniques,

How Does 3D Model Making Benefit a Jeweler?

Three-dimensional design is an evolving process that is highly dependent on current technology. Though model making is an ancient jewelry and sculpting technique, it’s still used today due to its

CAD: How It Can Help Jewelers

The evolution of jewelry design and jewelry manufacturing is never complete, but in today’s world, we have reached a level of achievement so far beyond the humble beginnings of jewelry,

All About Wax

At MKM Jewelry, one of the methods we use to create jewelry is called lost wax investment casting. Regarded as one of the oldest manufacturing processes, archeologists have found lost

Creating Custom Jewelry

Creating custom jewelry means having your own original designs mass produced for retail. Most jewelry designers decide to start manufacturing their jewelry in this way when they can’t keep up

Understanding MKM Jewelry’s Suite of Services

MKM Jewelry has long been considered a premier jewelry manufacturer in Los Angeles. With over 15 years of experience, bulk manufacturing capabilities, and rapid service, MKM Jewelry has been the