Wax Milling

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There are many ways that a jeweler, sculptor, or manufacturer can create a wax model. Whether you prefer to carve a wax model by hand, 3D printing, or wax milling, MKM Jewelry can help. We are experts in creating wax models through milling and use this process regularly to create immaculate pieces of jewelry.

The Machining Process

After a piece has been digitally designed with CAD (computer aided design) software, MKM Jewelry transfers the file to a wax milling machine. Once an appropriately sized piece of wax has been secured in the center of the device, the milling machine reads the CAD file and begins carving out the design. The wax milling process uses the same files and software as 3D printing, but the process is reversed. Instead of laying down layers of wax to build a piece from the ground up, the milling machine carves a piece by removing layers of wax. The main tool used in this machine is a quill, or bit, that spins at high speeds as it moves along the block of wax and removes layers. Though the conical shape is the most commonly used bit for jewelry models, it is removable and can be replaced with bits of different shapes or sizes to accomplish more specific tasks.


Whether you want to engrave a pre-existing item or create a wax model of a completely new jewelry design, the milling process is accurate, efficient, and precise. Contact MKM Jewelry today if you have questions about the wax milling process or our model fabrication services. We’re happy to service you with professional and reliable jewelry milling services.