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Jewelry Manufacturing in Los Angeles, CaliforniaMORE ABOUT US

If you’re an independent designer or business owner who’s looking for reputable jewelry manufacturing in Los Angeles to partner with you in bringing your creative vision to life, MKM Jewelry has the experience and technology you need. We go above and beyond your expectations, sticking by your side from the first inkling of an idea to the final, finished product.

At MKM Jewelry, we put as much attention to detail into our individual pieces as we do in our 1,000 piece batches. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround speeds, no matter the intricacy of the project at hand. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and we’ve been honing our masterful techniques for over 15 years. With a wide variety of services to offer our client base, we’ve garnered an extensive roster of happy clients, and we’re here to offer you that same satisfaction. Stick around to learn how we can help you out!


We use recycled and eco-friendly materials and work with both precious and non-precious metals throughout our process. When it comes to crafting our fashion jewelry from scratch, we primarily stick to non-precious metals, such as brass, bronze, and copper, with the exception of silver. However, when it comes to our plating services, we add a few additional precious metals to the mix, such as gold, a rose gold/silver combination, and rhodium. Whether you opt for our metal plating services or not, you’ll have a variety of metal options to choose from for your next project, that way you always get the perfect look with our jewelry manufacturing in Los Angeles.

At MKM Jewelry, we have a remarkable turnaround time for our services, including CAD design and 3D wax printing. CAD designs can be expected within two weeks, while our CAM designs take an additional three days. We want each of our valued customers to experience high quality service, so we will work with you to meet important deadlines.

We cast our jewelry in three primary mold materials: silicon, rubber, and metal. Each project we work on has its own range of demands, and we use the materials that will best benefit the your project’s end result.

Work Process

When you partner with MKM Jewelry, you can expect your project to go through four essential steps: submitting your project request, approving the designs, receiving a quote, and reviewing the prototype. This is what makes us the best at jewelry manufacturing in Los Angeles.


When you submit your project request, our team will evaluate the exact needs and specifications for each step moving forward.


Our team will create designs and review each aspect of the project with you until the designs are approved.


After the designs have been approved, we will provide you with a quote that reflects your project’s needs from start to finish.


Once a quote is determined, we’ll get started with the manufacturing of a prototype. This is a physical sample of what’s to expect from the finished product. We will review it with you and make changes as needed.


There’s no project too big or too small at MKM Jewelry. Check out some of our recent works below!

Gold and Pearl Jewelry Rendering
Rose Gold and Diamond Ring Rendering

Why Choose Us ?


If you’re searching for jewelry manufacturing in Los Angeles that you can trust, look no further than MKM Jewelry. We guarantee the highest quality custom jewelry in Los Angeles.


We pride ourselves on having a lightning fast turnaround. We’ll keep you informed of every step and its expected lead time.


At MKM Jewelry, we enjoy a challenge. That’s why we have a “never say no” attitude towards all projects. We welcome your most creative ideas.


From start to finish, every step of our jewelry manufacturing in Los Angeles takes place in-house at our shop in the Jewelry District.


We have great respect for every idea that walks through our doors. That’s why we guarantee 100% confidentiality on your project.


As jewelry manufacturers that pride ourselves on high quality work, we guarantee your satisfaction and are happy to work with you throughout every step of the process.