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MKM Jewelry has a wealth of services to offer our clients, including a wide range of CAM jewelry design processes (computer-aided manufacturing) that can be used to turn your working design into a physical model that’s ready for molding or casting. When you work with our experts, we’ll help you determine which approach best meets your project’s specific needs, and we’ll get to work before you know it.

Before we can determine which of the CAM jewelry design processes is right for your project, we need to know what you’re looking for. Either provide our team with a pre-existing design file that you’ve had put together elsewhere, or work with us to create your own CAD (computer-aided design) file from scratch. We have access to the industry’s top software and we can handle a wide range of input styles.

At MKM Jewelry, our jewelry manufacturing experts will work with you every step of the way so that we can not only meet your goals, but go above and beyond your expectations. Our variety of CAM jewelry design processes includes:

  • Wax Milling: 3, 4, and 5 Axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
  • 3D Wax Printing
  • Direct Metal Machining
  • CNC Metal Molds: Our most expensive CAM service but bring you the best quality, detail and high volume production

While our final process isn’t aided by computers, it’s important to note that our artisans are also skilled in the art of wax hand carving. No matter the size and intricacy of your design, we have the technology and skill needed to bring it to life. Call us today at (213) 689-4823 to get started.