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All Seeing Eye Rings
Diamond and Gold Bracelet
Diamond Pendant
Celtic Design Rings
Weave Design Pendants
3-Layer Stackable Rings
Gold and Silver Peace Sign Necklace
Unique Gold Earrings
Unique Silver Earrings
Gem Studded Black Earrings
Cross Keys Pendant
Engraved Word Pendants

MKM Jewelry has the capacity to handle any project you have in mind—from intricately knotted styles to simple engraved tags. Committed to providing you with meticulously designed fashion jewelry, we transform your ideas into impressive works of art.

To provide you with a small sample of the work we can create, here are a few of the rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings we create, made with CAD software.

Complexity Re-Defined

The jewelry in our gallery contains samples of the kind of work we produce. From the ornamental detailing along the side of the Illuminati ring to the bold engraving around the Aztec band, if you can imagine it, we can produce it.

Many companies approach MKM Jewelry with a vague sketch as their only reference—but through computer aided manufacturing, mold making, wax casting, laser welding, and engraving, we are capable of producing work that encompasses everything they had in mind. At MKM Jewelry, creating high quality work with unsurpassed attention to detail is our priority. When you are satisfied with the sample, we begin producing your design in large batches, presenting them finished and ready for sale.

Embracing Simplicity

While creating elaborate jewelry is one of our many strengths, the simplicity of smooth tags and pendants is not beyond our grasp. Come to us for engraved tags, unadorned formations, and unembellished configuration.
MKM Jewelry is also available to engrave personalized names, motivational words, and simple motifs onto your pieces. For more information about our expert creations, contact us today.